FIRE Certified FIRE Tech





Service Areas

Northern Virginia 1-800-657-1670
Hampton Roads 757-271-6339
Maryland and DC 1-800-657-1670


A Plus Chimney Cleaners is licensed and insured to protect our customers and our employees. We only employee highly qualified chimney cleaners and chimney repair technicians. We have CSIA Certified Chimney Sweeps, FIRE Certified Inspectors, and FIRE Certified Technicians. We send all of our technicians to receive continuous education on Virginia’s FIRE Code, Virginia’s Residential Building Code, and the NFPA 211 national standards from nationally recognized training organizations. All of our field technicians are trained, educated, and tested regularly.

Quality Control

Every service comes with detailed before and after pictures. These pictures give our customers a clear and accurate understanding of the inspection report provided at the end of the service. Upon request these pictures can be emailed to our customers to be viewed in a photo album style format. This allows our customers to further review the pictures with the inspection report at a later date if they wish. The written inspection report with the corresponding pictures increases the efficiency and quality of our services.